Cultural Studies and Europe

Architecture and Scientific Structures

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Scientific work is increasingly undertaken via the Internet these days. But people sitting at a computer also need a place in which to set up their equipment and furniture. Even "virtual universities" can't exist without actual buildings. The physical edifices of scientific organisations reveal quite a lot about opportunities, internal tensions and structures of scientific work. Thus quite a few such buildings have a representative character. The buildings signify importance and, not least, social position and power. They reveal something of architectural modes. However they're seldom built with any consideration given to the actual scientific work performed there. The representative function is not uncommonly given priority when scientific organisations present themselves via the Internet. In such cases access to information is actually hindered by attempts to represent the organisation by a photo of its building, because it takes so long to download the photo.

In the course of the exhibition the opportunity is given to reflect, via selected examples, on science, representation, architecture, work flows and the relation to the public.

You will find selected, annotated links in the Internet exhibition.

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