Cultural studies and Europe
Cultural Studies and Europe

Cultural Studies and Employment


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Immeasurable riches have accumulated in Europe from which all the primary needs of people could be more than satisfied. However much has still to be done in this area to achieve a social accord. Favourable conditions exist for such an accord at the moment.

One of the central problems, which is also recognised by the European Union, is that there are millions of unemployed in Europe and at the same time a multiplicity of new fields of work - in the cultural area as well. In this context broad areas of research can be expected to open up for cultural studies. These will bring with them new areas of work, new work structures, new ways for interest groups to represent themselves, and transformation of the organisational framework. Transnational aspects need to be given special emphasis here: cross-border art forms, cross-border forms of communication and distribution, cross-border participation in democratic decision-making.

In this way a solid basis can be achieved on which the economy, the unions, political representatives and the public can shape future processes.

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