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Update Info 2014-11-14

On 14 November 1994 INST started with his projects. A short overview:

The main problem is the missing money.  This is a symbol for the crisis of societies of today, because investment goes the wrong way. But INST tries a new approach. In autumn 2016 a Polylog Conference shall take place in Vienna with 25.000 participants. The topic by now: Internet, Concepts, Societies.


Update Info 2014-11-03

INST sended the Presidente del Cabildo de Tenerife new suggestion about the project "Tourism and regional Cultures".


Update Info 2014-10-22

Meanwhile INST published several articles in TRANS.

The society Polylogzentrum Kulturwissenschaft was founded: http://www.polylogzentrum.at/. A contract between INST and PZKW will be the basic of the cooperation.

On 7th May 2015 18:30 the President of Tenerife shall open the conference "Tourism and regional Cultures" in Auditorio de Tenerife. Until now 50 sections are registered.

The page about the Worldproject of Mountains shall be new designed.


Update Info 2014-07-02

The focus of the INST activities was the cooperation with the Jura Soyfer Society in the context of the 100th birth anniversary of Jura Soyfer (1912-1939). A programmatic text to the other activity will be presented in this summer. Still, it comes to find a way to finance the activities of the non-profit association INST with 10,000 project participants from over 100 countries. These efforts are organized in the gaining of knowledge (research projects, conferences) and public (website, file-books, TRANS).

The research projects:

The Organization of Conferences:

The public:

Additional services come up as they were practiced in the past: for the UNESCO, the EU, the European Parliament, States, countries, municipalities, and various facilities.


Update Info 2011-06-23

The Austrian Ministry of Science and Research does not finance about 270 none universitarian institutes or organizations anymore – not the societies, not their symposia, not there conferences or publications. This measure, which was described as "structural adjustment", brings no savings, but rather the state of Austria estimated a damage of one billion Euros. It subjects them mostly decades-old research facilities in universities or trying to destroy them. It is one of the many destructive acts of authoritarianism that have been set since 2000. Details of this policy of destruction - which are directed against the societies or the civil society as a whole - will be described in the following publication, which also shows that the authoritarianism in the research policy and research funding as a production grant is a major reason for today's (financial -) crises. The title of the book: The Knowledge Societies in their beginning. Details on the WWW: http://www.inst.at/burei/CBand11.htm

Other books INST will present to the general public in the fall of 2011:

Update Info 2010-12-08

- From 25 to 28 November 2010 the 8th INST-World-Conference took place. The program:
- Opening: Basic text, Direktor General Bokova (UNESCO)
- Second Life: Cities worldwide (Documentation: David Richardson, Linnaeus University, Schweden)
- 15 films (Memminger Gespraeche, Lechner Edi, narrations of scholars, scientists, artists)
- four regional (real) conferences
- four plenary sessions in Vienna
- seven sections in Vienna
- 13 virtual sections
- an agora (forum) for virtual discussion.

A book and the begin of the documentation in TRANS 18 for January 2011 are on the way.

Update Info 2009-08-17

The INST-World-TV is being tested since autumn 2008. In the meantime the technique and the technology are available. Its inauguration was on the 16 February 2009 with the film „Der Weg in den Tod“ [ The way into death ] – a world lecture with the Wiener Vorlesungen and the Volkshochschule Brigittenau at the 70th anniversary of the death of Jura Soyfer in the concentration camp Buchenwald (he died on 16 February 1939/ see the publication about him in the INST-book series: Die Lebendigkeit Jura Soyfers (The liveliness of Jura Soyfer).

On 15 July 2009 the Rector of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University University (KBSU), Prof.Dr. Barasbi S. Karamursow, and the Scientific Director of the INST, Dr. Herbert Arlt, concluded a contract to establish a world museum of the mountains at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe (the Elbrus with 5.643m). The project pages in German, Russian and English will be accessible by the end of August. The link to the „World Museum of the Mountains“ will be found under http://www.inst.at/deutsch/projekte.htm There one will also find a film which documents the presentation of the project before the scientific council of the KBSU.

Further the book series were extended and the INST-world publishing house will be showcased in 2010. Its goal is to offer a not-profit-platform for scientific and artistic publications – as an alternative to publishers who transform work of knowledge producers and tax money into private profit.

Highlight of the INST-activities will be a virtual conference from 25 to the 28 November 2010, where a million participants are expected. This conference will be prepared from the 4 to the 7 October 2009 at an INST-Strategy-conference in Baden near Vienna. The goal will be to position knowledge productions in societies regionally as well as transnationally, so that they can achieve their own mission.


Update 2006-05-29

As can be seen in the update infos of the various areas (see above), we have in the meantime held the INST-conference " Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies" with 5.200 participants from about 80 countries. The contributions presented at the conference are published continuously in TRANS 16. Furthermore we presented the EU-project VUNW (Virtuality and new structures of knowledge / sponsorships by MA 27, MA 7, EFRE-funds) for the first time in public during the IRICS-conference (Exhibition, plenary contributions, section contributions). The VUNW-project will be a part of the IRICS-documentation: http://www.inst.at/burei/CBand6_eng.htm, which will be presented from August 2006 in more than 40 countries: http://www.inst.at/termine/20062007.htm. It will be available for the first time on the 4th October 2006 within the scope of the "Vienna Lectures" at 7 p.m. in the Volkshalle in the Vienna town hall. Other new publications can be found in the INST-book series: http://www.inst.at/burei/index.htm


Update 2005-08-21

Beginning in August 2005 the INST-Homepage will appear in the six UN languages and German. You will find the documentation of the old Homepage as a CD in the publication "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures“. Also new here in addition to the use of seven languages is the new structure, the changed layout, the new update of the Search Engine and the expansion of various areas such as IRICS, TRANS and the Encyclopedia. The Update Info was also newly organized: with directions to lead you through your own Update Info to other areas of the Homepage.

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