Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies
(IRICS) Vienna, 9 - 11 december 2005

<< Die inter- und transdisziplinären Verhältnisse kultureller Vermittlung

Connections between narrative structures of literature and fiction film

Kinga Balcsik-Tamás (Szeged, Nagykőrös, Budapest)



The mediation of culture has also to do with finding bridges among sorts of art, and it has to happen on the level of research also. My topic reaches a filed of comparative study that has been marginal because of theoretical dusk that ended in dull research. The possibility of a comparative study in regard to film and literature is limited because of the two sorts of art’s different semiotic background. Researchers often do not go further then drawing analogy between them or dealing with adaptations. From the perspective of narratology bridging the gap in respect of film and literature is conceivable: the structures of the narration, the applied motives, the scenes and temporal conditions of the story, the viewpoints of the narrator are comparable. How does storytelling fiction film influence literature? Are there any signs of audiovisual narration’s influence in the texture of literary narration? How does literature make a move towards visuality, and what are in the interpretation appealing consequences of literary narration based upon audiovisual logic? Answering these questions in my lecture I try to point out a serious mission of researchers: doing research in this field could result a technique of finding way to make readers and film watchers aware of their own critical capability according to popular and art cinema and literature.

Innovationen und Reproduktionen in Kulturen und Gesellschaften (IRICS) Wien, 9. bis 11. Dezember 2005

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