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Considerations Regarding the Status of Writer

Gabriela Chiciudean (Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918", Alba Iulia)



When a writer becomes aware of his/her uniqueness he/she realizes that his/her status within society is uncertain. He/she is not able either to assume the status of intellectual worker or to integrate himself/herself as member of a liberal profession.

Therefore the writer has a few ways to escape. One of these ways would be to revitalize the theme of the misery in which the poet lives. Another way of escaping this situation is to find a second job; in this case the advantage is that it provides the writer with absolute freedom. The second job is a way of self-financing; it provides a degree of financial safety and releases the author from the economic pressures of daily life. Yet, choosing the second job implies a risk, which refers to the fact that the writes loses touch with the reader.

He is more capable to create and write and less able to live as writer and witness the readers restlessness and revolt. It seems that one cannot be a good writer and a good worker at the same time because the worker can disturb the writer and the other way round.

To become a professional is the only way in which a writer can become successful especially within a newly modernised society. This is a difficult thing to do because a writer has to be prolific and continuous in his attempt in order to be considered a professional.

My paper attempts to analyse some cases of few European writers who can be considered professionals who could make or made a living out of writing. An important role in their (not)becoming professionals was played by the social, political and economic implications and especially their way of being. In the 21 st century in Romania it is impossible for a writer to become a professional and a second job is more than vital. I’m trying to find out whether the situation is the same in Europe and the topic is open to discussion.

Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies
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