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<< Issues of external and internal labor migration in post-Soviet Central Asia

The illegal labor migration of Uzbekistan: problems and possible solutions

Lyudmila Petrovna Maksakova (Center for Effective Economic Policy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)



Uzbekistan is a net labor exporter. The government regulates the outflow of labor resources, but majority of labor migrations carryout illegally. The labor migration is considerable and accounts for about 6 - 7% of the country's work force. The main recipients of illegal Uzbek immigrants are Russia (40 - 45%), Kazakhstan (25 - 30%), Kurdistan (10 - 15%). The remaining 10-25% settle in the USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Israel, and Western Europe. Most from them find employment in the construction, agriculture and retail industries.

Uzbekistan have considerable positive and negative outcomes of the labor migration - for the Uzbek economy Uzbek and for migrants themselves. Possible solutions of this problems may be: create a legal framework, safeguard mechanisms for labor migration in Uzbekistan, endorse creation of the state- licensed private recruitment agencies specializing in sending people to work abroad, sign bilateral agreements with the countries receiving Uzbek labor migrants, create a CIS-wide infrastructure that enforces the existing agreements on the illegal labor migration.

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