Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies
(IRICS) Vienna, 9 - 11 december 2005

<< Cultural Dynamism and Language Contact

Changes in the bulgarian language during the centuries: impact of the different cultures on the language in the past

Ivanka Sakareva (South-West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)



Language contact not only changes a language, but it also enriches it. This presentation focuses on the changes in Bulgarian during the Greek and Turkish slavery, and the influence of other cultures that led to a lexicon and even meaning change of the language. The paper emphasizes and shows how often loanwords are used, even more often than Bulgarian words in some regions (and dialects too). It reveals how different cultures influence each other, whether such influence is positive or negative.

Innovationen und Reproduktionen in Kulturen und Gesellschaften (IRICS) Wien, 9. bis 11. Dezember 2005

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