Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies
(IRICS) Vienna, 9 - 11 december 2005

<< Reproduktionen und Innovationen in Sprache und Kommunikation verschiedener Sprachkulturen
<< Reproduction and Innovation in Language and Communication in different Language Cultures

Language Change in China and Japan reflecting social and political developments

Manfred Sellner (Institut f. Linguistik, Universität Salzburg, Austria)



It is a widely held sociolinguistic supposition that change in political and social systems can condition language use. In this context I present two sets of data that support this conjecture. One set of facts concerns aspects of language use during the time of the Cultural Revolution in the PROC and the other one concerns aspects of change in Japanese "keigo" ("respect language"). Taken in wider context, the presentation aims to present evidence that change in language structure and use is driven by internal and external factors.

Innovationen und Reproduktionen in Kulturen und Gesellschaften (IRICS) Wien, 9. bis 11. Dezember 2005

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