The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Societies and Cultures as Polylogues

Suna Suner (London)
Festival as a Bridge of Cultures: A Brief Revision of the Concept in the Contemporary Scene

The presentation attempts at a concise inquiry on the extent to which festivals, as praxes of cultural exchange are effective in the integration of cultures, if festivals could be considered to bear an aim as such.

Festival, as a cultural constituent, generically appears to endeavor inclusion (yet always with a certain limitation), however, to what extent do they include the cultural dynamics which they intend to include? Can exclusion in any terms not be spoken of?

What it is that is attempted to be integrated through the realization of a festival.

In the context of international festivals hosting the cultural production from different countries, it is also of question what the audiences receive from the guest culture(s) apart from a confrontation in a context of a rencontre of spectator-performer, with the new or the different (or with what is familiar to their dynamics of personal life).