The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Culture, Psychosocial Disorders and Mental Health: an African Perspective

Kimberly Richards / Yegan Pilay (California State University, Fullerton-USA)
The Impact of Colonialism in Southern Africa on Mental Health Identity Development

The main learning objective is to enhance participants' knowledge of how colonialism (oppression) impacted on the identity development of individuals growing up under the racist regimes in Southern Africa. Action research strategies/techniques used will be addressed. Participants' will have the opportunity to share their own identity development process and reflections. The presenters will provide handouts. The presenters are from Southern Africa and are experienced in conducting research in multicultural/racial settings. The presentation embodies the conference theme because it addresses how mental health, in this case the development of optimal identities, is impacted by oppression.

The presentations will address various aspects of identity development in the colonial Southern African context. Research strategies/techniques will be identified. The main objective of the presentation is to enhance participant's knowledge of how oppression impacts on identity development.