The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Media and cultural aspects of civil society

Hrvoje Butkovic (Department for Culture and Communication, Institute for International Relations (IMO), Zagreb, Croatia)
Research and Theory on Civil Society in Croatia 

The contribution analyses different approaches to civil society in published research papers in Croatia and examines published results of empirical research conducted in the area of civil society in Croatia. It presents different definitions of civil society used in Croatian scientific discourse, as well as various aspects of civil society - cultural, media, social, religious, etc. examined by Croatian social scientists. Civil society, which was marginalized during the socialist period in Croatia, lost its main obstacles for development in 1990. While articles published in the first half of the nineties were predominantly concerned with civil society as a theoretical construct, in a more recent period Croatian researchers are showing more interest in examining practical present realities and the current trends in the development of civil society.