The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Exile and Migration

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Email: Fawzi Boubia (Caen)

ABSTRACT: The aim of this section is to analyze phenomena in literary and cultural history, which are connected to the problem of exile and migration. Linguistic, sociological and philosophical questions, which relate to this problematic, can and are to be integrated into the area of this investigation.
Again and again social groups, indeed, entire populations have been forced to leave their country for political and/or economic reasons. This phenomenon has intensified even more in the 20th century as a result of the retrogression into barbarism and of forced globalization, resulting in whole generations of people having to work, think, write or be otherwise socially engaged outside of their original homeland.
Accordingly, it is a question of geographical, political, cultural, literary and philosophical border crossings and of the problematic of division and unification connected with it, set against the background of the diverse and complex, indeed, dialectical connections to the "foreign" culture and to the "country of one's origin" or "homeland."
The section is therefore fully aware that only an interdisciplinary approach can do justice to the intercultural, international and not least to the universal character of this research topic. The question is to be examined, using examples from different literatures, societies and cultures, which means naturally, that not only research from the field of Literary Studies, but also from Sociology and Philosophy is to be included.
We are thus striving to bring together scholars, who deal with exile and migration and investigate these two categories in view of the problematic of cultural affinity or difference, respectively.