The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Culture and Socium and Culture. Problems of Globalisation

Mikhail Blumenkrantz (Charkow)
About the Typology of Socio-Cultural Crises: Russia' s experience of socio-cultural disasters and intercommunication of cultural worlds.

  1. Crisis as a change of cultural styles inside a single cultural paradigm and crisis as a destruction of a cultural paradigm.
  2. Prerequisites of the cultural demolition in 1917. Change of practical determination and determinations of values in the course of social-cultural development in Soviet Russia. Ideology as a way of establishing the unified culture space.
  3. Chruschov's "throw" and Gorbachev's "perestrojka" as stages of deideologisation of social consciousness. Favourables for dialog of cultures.
  4. Russia of today in search of a new (old) national ideology.