The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Semantics, knowledge and information systems

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ABSTRACT: Characters strings typed in the search engine boxes translate a concept into a language which is often natural, spontaneous and written in a unique, determined or restricted form. Regulatory processes, such as tree hierarchies, boolean equations and the meta field "Keywords" have a tendency to disappear.

The postmodern deconstruction of the text may square with the hypertextual navigation, the dynamics of which transform the Web into a desiring machine. That may also be, interpreting some aspects of the analysis of Husserl by Derrida, the primacy of the "indicative" (Anzeichen) over the "expressive" (Bedeuten), in a deterritorialized and transient system.

The phenomenological analysis invites us to study the socio-economic factors which rule the information systems, especially in the educational sphere. We draw on our experience of training courses in the use of these systems, in a French scientific university.