The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Borrowing and Translation at the Crossroads of Language and Culture Contact

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ABSTRACT: Since Antiquity, borrowing and translation have been and continue to remain at the crossroads of language and culture contact in their various domains of expressivity. To enrich their lexicons and appropriately express realities pertaining to other cultures, languages of the world have always resorted to loans from other languages. In this inevitable quest for linguistic elements in one culture to express realities in another, no single domain remains unaffected, be it social, religious, educational, political, economic, medical, environmental, scientific or technological. As regards translation, its increasing role today as a linguistic activity that eases communication and enhances cross cultural relations is seen against the background of the necessity to communicate concepts and ideas expressed in one language and culture across a different language and culture. In so doing, translation serves as a bridge between cultures, revealing not only their interrelatedness but also their complexities in an attempt to comprehend human civilization.