The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


The "general human right" in Multilingual Elementary Education

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ABSTRACT: The "absolute" and universal (human rights') obligation of parents and also of secondary communities (and that not only as a substitute in the case of loss of parents) to raise children "from the first day after birth" through their youth to young adulthood at least bilingually and preferably multilingually and the continuation of this general human-right obligation in the teaching of kindergartens (pre-schools) and elementary schools should be discussed and, if possible, ratified in general theoretical, human rights' theoretical and pedagogical terms. The goal of the realization of this - widely ignored and absent in UNO-human rights' documents - basic and human right lies in functional active multilingualism. (Let the superfluous comment that it is not a question here of something specific for parents and children within language minorities, but of a general, universal human right of every young person, every youth be added in parentheses. A comparison with - for example - a type of human right such as the prohibition against mutilation is evident). The following references are intended to attract potential contributors to this section, particularly language teachers, as well as also the announcement that Wolfgang Gombocz himself will deliver a lecture on the topic of the "general human right" at the pre-school age.


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