The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Theater of Regions
or the Division between Provincialism and Interculturalism

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ABSTRACT: In an age of the new media the theater as a forum of cultural communication appears increasingly to play merely a marginal role. Innovations are hardly expected of country or small-town theaters. One possibility of changing this attitude is to seek out unusual locations for productions, and another is to utilize themes from the regional history by setting them in contemporary theatrical forms. An additional possibility is to invite colleagues from the most varied fields and cultural circles to collaborate in joint ventures, and in this way to sharpen one's perception of one's own activity in the mirror of the other.

The result in every case for all participants - and they include the public - is something new, unusual and at the same time familiar.

In this section we will examine the question of how cultural initiatives that pursue an emancipatory approach, see and evaluate their experiences and possibilities of development.