The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Art and New Media

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ABSTRACT: Although in research the concept "new" is avoided as much as possible, it has become part of the very name of media that work with digital methods of production. The examination of these - appropriately called New Media - instruments opens numerous areas of research, which are worked on by different fields. It is a question of the area of technology that develops these media; that of information, which shows machines that work with people; of Communication Science, which is dedicated to media research; of Sociology with questions of power and distribution; of Jurisprudence with the drafting of appropriate laws, and many more. It is, however, also the field of art, which experiments with media and first figures out the possibilities of the media. At the same time the art of media is regarded as a mirror of the current technological state of development. By thematizing the field inherent in this art of technologies, which in themselves are value free and "meaningless," with art "which creates meaning," critical positions have been taken for thirty years now, which in turn have influenced and still influence society. Innovative positions on this theme, which go beyond the field, will be discussed.