The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Art and New Media

Kurt Hofstetter
Time - a unifying aspect of cultures? Facing time. Parallel in an orbit 

"In 12 time zones around the earth I am spending one hour facing the sun with one representative of the respective culture. We are parallel to each other; our seeing rays and the sunbeams in parallel point to the same infinitely distant point, where they meet each other. Simultaneously, we rotate with the earth and circulate around the sun. It is about parallelism and circulation, staged to experience time within 12 different cultures."

On the one hand I would like to report on my experiences realising this artistic concept and on the other hand to present the corresponding experimental art video "facing time. parallel in an orbit" directed by Hofstetter Kurt and Barbara Doser:

Moments of this time experience are recorded by a video camera. The camera is directed towards the sun and towards the same infinitely distant point, back-light shooting. The persons become silhouettes that frame the light of the sun. The radical reduction of the formal matter and action (story line), intensified by the camera focus, consequently repeated all around the earth, gives the viewer time to reflect. The slowness of the pictures opens the possibility of finding parallel contents beyond the formal image reception. To spend time with time, from abstract time (artificial slow motion of natural movements) up to the time experienced as a cosmic process (rotation of the earth) ... or to be bored ... as long as the picture is interrupted by a certain question, which again reflects on time. Image perception depends on time - time codes images.

"facing time. Parallel in an orbit" is a parallel project touching cultures within the realisation of the international media art project Sunpendulum ( - in particular in setting up Sunpendulum Time-Eyes in 12 time zones around the earth.