The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Photography: The Picture of the World - The World of Pictures

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The medium of photography differs from drawn, painted or written communications because of its universal language. If one disregards the religiously mandated prohibition against images and manipulations for the purpose of falsifying data, photography is a friendly power in the world. Ever since it has been possible to send pictures as SMS with a handy and a built in camera, we have entered a new age in which pictures are available without any loss of time. Photography as art, photography as sequential pictures in journalism, photography as postcard greeting - all of this can be achieved with little or a great deal of aptitude and talent. Nonverbal communication can unify nations, arouse emotions, cause misunderstandings, be subservient, bring pleasure or be put at the service of power. As an art critic/photographer I would like to examine analogs and digital techniques.