The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Role of Religious Leaders and world Peace

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What is culture?

Culture is a word, which carries meanings manifold according to sense and situation. In fact it is just a mode of leading an honest and peaceful life. In such days talented people find time to discover new and newer gems from the eternal ocean. The culture consists of arts, literature, architecture etc, which beautify man's life.

What is Peace?

Peace grows on the soil of self-denial, while selfishness is the rock on which the ship of Peace is wrecked. This is a matter of common experience that happiness exists only where there is peace. The very memory of a peace lover brings joy to our heart. And peace abides only where there is joy.

How can world peace be achieved?

Peace comes through prayer. It doesn't matter what name human use for God or what languages pray in. Either pray to lord Krishna in Sanskrit, or pray Lord Buddha in Japanese, or pray to Jesus in English, or pray to Allah in Arabic.

Make no mistakes, the more chaotic the world becomes as days go by, the more mankind thirsts for peace. In today's world, orderliness has been destroyed. Therefore, to establish peace means to restore that order.

It doesn't matter what name or form be used. It doesn't matter what language be prayed in. Just pray. And then flora of the magic drops. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is devotion. The fruit of devotion is service. The fruit of service is peace.

Peace will come only when all nations, all communities and all individuals will cease to worry about rights and will be devoted to duty considering their interests to lie in the interests of the world or in others' interests; then the rights of all will be automatically ensured and since our objective will be self-denial, love happiness and peace will be installed on a permanent footing everywhere.

To restore order, subjects and objects must find their positions and mutual, unified relations. Peace is not desired on the world level alone, but also on the level of nations, societies, and families as well. Even individuals yearn for peace between their minds and bodies.

Role of Religious Leaders

World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders, who represent the internal concerns of the mind and conscience, work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders who have much practical wisdom and worldly experience about the external reality or 'body'.

What should role of religious leaders be to restore peace?


Peace and happiness depend upon moral, spiritual and cultural development of people. To the best of my knowledge, peace be the agenda of all religious leaders, furthermore United Nations and religious leaders join their hearts and deeds to create peace zones in conflict areas. Whether the disputed borders pass through rivers, mountains, fields or the sea, buffer zones or peace zones along these borders should be identified.

In this contest, would United Nations appoint religious leaders as peace ambassadors?

The time has come for religion to renew itself and manifest true leadership in the world. It is time for religious people to repent for their preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denomination interest. The religion and culture must flow like the water of a river, serene and swift and keeping with the current of the time, not permit it to stagnate like in a pond.

In the end, I would like to sum up by saying that there should not be assassination of leaders, demolition of Babari masque India, destruction of world historic heritage idols of Lord Buddha in Bamian in Afghanistan, September 11 phenomenon of terrorism USA to explosion in Bali Indonesia, and any other shameful and condemnable act of religion fanatic frenzy in any future under the sun..