The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Write for Peace?

Chair of the section/Suggestions, Abstracts, Contributions to:
Email: Reinhold Schrappeneder (Vienna)

ABSTRACT: The worldwide mass demonstrations before and at the beginning of the war in Iraq have shone clearly that more people than ever before in the history of humankind are today turning against the use of war for settling international crises and conflicts.

What part do individual literary works, does literature as a whole, play in this development? Can it contribute to establishing and strengthening this development?

In this connection how effective is explicit "antiwar literature"? Does it represent an effective means of educating people for peace? Is anyone today, at a time of Postmodernism, even still writing "engaged literature". What position of contemporary literature can one find today in the range between "pure" and engaged literature? How do the authors themselves see their role in this connection?

To this section we invite not only academic scholars, but also teachers, educators and authors to express their views on these or similar questions in a 10 to 30 minute talk or to report on their experiences.