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The conference page for the project "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" has been expanded and in part newly organized. The new items include the sponsorship of the President of the Republic of Ausria, Dr. Thomas Klestil, an overview of the program, an archive of the project, registration forms for groups and schools, a possibility for journalists to register, the possibility to sign up for the evening events, for the excursions as well as for the general meeting of the INST, links to the European Research Area, the poster of the conference for printing in German, English and French, electronic orientation information to help in planning the trip and in using the public transportation system in Vienna. A detailed program will be available at the end of October as a PDF-File. (85 Section chairs with their sections were accepted on 30 September 2003.) Also new in three languages is a press release of 26 September 2003. The informational sections dealing with publications (requirements, documentary film) and sections/section groups have been expanded.



New Section: Gisela Fehrmann (Köln) / Erika Linz (Köln): The Influence of the Media on the Structures of Language Communication and the Organization of Cultural Memory


New Section:
Zhou Qin: Die Seidenstraße - Verbindungsnetz zwischen östlichen und westlichen Kulturen


New Section:
Thomas V. Gamkrelidze (Tbilisi): Ecology and Culture


New Section:
Pascal Lardellier (Dijon, France): Anthropologcal perspectives on the globalization of cultures: persistency, evolutions, revolutions


New Sections:
Herbert Gantschacher (Klagenfurt): Forms of Life - Theatre Forms as An Articulated Way of Life
Josephine Papst (Graz): The Unifying Method of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences: The Method of Transdisciplinarity


New Section:
Fatima Festic (Los Angeles): The Autobiography Of The Other: powers of literary transference


New Sections:
Zalina A.Mardanova (Vladikavkaz/Nordossetien-Alanien): Multicultural education or Is it possible to create a common cultural space? A proposal for the reading of educational systems in Ontario and Québec
Chinarabubu Tuleeva (Bischkek, Kirgistan): Wechselwirkungen regionaler, nationaler und internationaler Kulturen
Munira Shahidi (Dushanbe): Central Asia and the Modern World: confrontation, dialogue or interactivity?
Helmut Pfanner (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee): Exil und Literatur
Zeki Cemil Arda (Gazi Üniversitesi, Ankara): The Unifying and Divisive Role of Turkey in Cultural Relationships
Reinhard Krüger (Stuttgart): "Literature" as a Cross Section of Cultures
Vasil Rainov (Akademie der Wissenschaften, Sofia): Die Sprache die verbindet und zerteilt
Neriman Eratalay (Hacettepe Université, Ankara): Quelle culture enseigner?
Andrea Horváth (Debrecen/Ungarn)/Eszter Pabis (Debrecen/Ungarn): Geschlecht und Nation: Narrative kollektiver Identitäten
Magdolna Balkanyi (Universität Debrecen/Ungarn): Vom Fremden zum Eigenen. Kulturtransfer durch Theater
Albena Bakratcheva (Sofia): Frontier Metamorphoses: Americanization and Otherness
Zrinjka Peruško (Zagreb): Media and cultural aspects of civil society
Simone Griesmayr (Linz): Creative Contexts
Mirela Moldoveanu (Universite d'Ottawa, Canada): L'éducation multiculturelle ou Est-il possible de créer un espace culturel commun ?
Jana Wisniewski (Vienna): Photography: The Picture of the World - The World of Pictures
Rudolf Muhr (Graz): Standard Variations and Conceptions of Language in Various Language Cultures
Bernhard Schneider, Eleonore Lappin (Vienna): Austria, the Czech Republic and the EU. A Bilateral Relationship in the Realm of European Integration
Rabeh Sebaa (Oran): Arabization, transnationalism and interculturalitty


New Section:
Maria Klanska (Kraków/Krakau): Interrelations between Jewish, Slavic and German Cultures


New Sections:
Klaus Wiegerling (Stuttgart) / Christoph Hubig (Stuttgart): Virtualization of Space, Perception and Culture
Dr.Maurits G.T. Kwee (Buenos Aires): Well Being: Integrating Eastern Knowledge in Western Culture and Western Knowledge in Eastern Culture
Christa Hassfurther (Hallein): Theater of Regions or the Division between Provincialism and Interculturalism


New Section:
Duška Knezevic Hocevar (Ljubljana): In/visible communities at and across border


New Sections:
Michael Bürger (Genua): Computer-, Medien - und Werbesprache im internationalen Vergleich
Manuel Durand-Barthez (Toulouse): Semantics, knowledge and information systems


New Section:
Heiner Benking (Berlin): Integrales, lebendiges, gemeinsames Lernen, Orientierungs- und Sinnfragen, Mehrspachigkeit und Kulturnavigation
Ivan Vashakmadze (Sustainable Tourism Center, Georgia): Mountain eco-tourism - myth and reality


New Sections:
Gennady Uzilevsky (Orel, Russia): Post-industrial Civilization and Culture
Sunday Erhabor Idemudia (Bremen/Ibadan, Nigeria): Culture, Psychosocial Disorders and Mental Health: an African Perspective


New Section:
Agata S. Nalborczyk (Warsaw): The image of the "Other" in the contacts of Europe, Asia and Africa


New Section Group: Cultur of Peace
New Section:
Reinhold Schrappeneder (Vienna): Write for Peace?


New Sections:
Wolfgang Coy (Berlin)/Sabine Helmers (Berlin): What Does Visual Evidence Mean?


New Section:
Hartmut Cellbrot (Herford): On the Topography of the Color Blue in Modern Poetry
George Echu (UniversityYaounde I, Cameroon): Borrowing and Translation at the Crossroads of Language and Culture Contact


New Section:
Regula Rohland de Langbehn (Buenos Aires): Book Printing and the National Languages


New Section:
Jeff Bernard (Vienna): Signs/Texts/Cultures. Conviviality from a Semiotic Point of View


New Sections:
Wolfgang Gombocz (Graz): The "general human right" in Multilingual Elementary Education
Jorge Bauer (Buenos Aires): Technology and Culture
Arne Haselbach (Vienna): Societies and Cultures as Polylogues


New Sections:
Katja Sturm-Schnabl (Vienna): Translation and Cultural Understanding


New Sections:
Ludmilla Kostova (Veliko Tarnovo): Re-telling the Past, Mapping the Future: Feminist Interventions across Times and Cultures
Michael John (Linz): Ethnicity, Migration, Aesthetics
John D. Pattillo-Hess (Wien): Masses - Symbols of Nations
Gabriella Hima (Budapest): Narrations in Literature and in Writing History


New Sections:
Fawzi Boubia (Caen): Exile and Migration
Kopystianska Nonna (Lviv/Lemberg): The Attitude toward "One's Own" and to the "Foreign" as a Unifying and Dividing Factor of Cultures


The major part of the section abstracts have now been translated into English. A new Section Group has been added: "10. Virtual Space." Additional new sections of Bachyt Spikbajeva (Almaty) and Ursula Hentschläger/Zelko Wiener (Vienna) have been accepted, as well as new presenters, talks and abstracts.


The Project Start Page "Das Verbindende der Kulturen" (The Unifying Aspects of Cultures) has been reorganized. Among other things, categories have been added for announcing presentations and participation. Also explained separately are such matters as hotels/flights (with a search engine of the Austrian Travel Bureau (Österreichischen Verkehrsbüro for bargain flights), costs of travel and lodging, conference fee/meals as well as the possibility of obtaining a letter of invitation for a visa and a letter of support for a grant or subsidy. Newly added also are the Coordinating Committee, the Co-Organizers, and a list of participants (which will be expanded - as far as the information is available - by short biographies and links to contributions to the project) as well as information about sponsoring/ads. The section "Texts" has also been revised. Above all in this connection one should refer to the sections on Preparatory Events and to TRANS. (Since December 2002 in TRANS 14 alone 29 conference contributions, 9 Section or Workshop Reports and 5 Words of Welcome have been published.)
Six sections have been newly added (Blumenkrantz, Caglar, Fessenko, Ganglbauer, Rösch, Strähle). Two sections (Simo, Totosy) have been given new descriptions. Sections have accepted additional contributions, and abstracts of the sections have been translated.


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