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"The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" - International Conference in Vienna on Culture

Austria Center Vienna (U1 Kaisermühlen/VIC)
7 to 9 November 2003

INST-Media information, 3 November 2003
Wiss.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt
Tel: 01/7481633/11

World Meeting in Vienna
Cultural Congress begins on Friday

A special guest will be stopping off on Friday at the Austria Center in Vienna: World Culture - represented by a conference with 4000 participants from 70 countries. Whoever would like to make use of this opportunity to gain information and to meet with artists, politicians and scholars from all over the world will have the occasion to do so at the conference "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" from 7 to 9 November.

Culture unifies all people. Open communication as the means to meeting over garden fences and national borders is the goal of the Conference. For that reason the admission fees have intentionally been kept very low. On the Internet under a wealth of information can be called up without cost.

Culture is seemingly self-evident. Reaching for one's toothbrush, reading the newspaper, conversation with other people, all this is culture, which runs through our world of working and living. "Today globalization is bringing peoples together on an economic level in a way never known before. Precisely in the light of this development, however, consciousness of cultural common features is becoming increasingly important," states Austrian President, Dr. Thomas Klestil, who has assumed the role of patron of the conference. "The unifying aspects of cultures, that which makes the person into a human being, stands at the center of your conference. A conference, to which Vienna opens its doors with special pleasure and which accords well with the fundamental commitment of the city of Vienna to openness and dialogue," observes the City Councilor Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, who will greet the conference participants in the name of the city of Vienna.

The Congress offers a broad cultural supplementary program. For the opening of the meeting virtual guest contributions of the world famous linguist Noam Chomsky and author Umberto Eco will be presented.

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