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"The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" - International Conference in Vienna on Culture

Austria Center Vienna (U1 Kaisermühlen/VIC)
7 to 9 November 2003

INST-Media information, 3 November 2003
Wiss.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt
Tel: 01/7481633/11

Culture in the Center
The Conference Concludes with a Memorandum

Cultural work and cultural research are the basis of our perception, of our existence, of our progress. The financial and formal framework must be appropriate to this central importance of culture. This demand forms the content of a memorandum, which was adopted Sunday evening in the Austria Center in Vienna at the conclusion of the conference "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" with 4000 participants from 70 countries.

Representatives of three dozen scholarly disciplines had gathered at the conference. The central focus was the importance of culture and thus the importance of human beings. In terms of the memorandum, "The participants of the conference are pleased that international organizations such as UNESCO, the European Council and the European Union as well as individual member states of the European Council have given some attention and also support to the conference." With the convention on culture of UNESCO, of the European Research Area and other initiatives - above all those of the European Council - some steps have been taken to call attention to the importance of culture. Nevertheless the present circumstances are still far from doing justice to the importance of culture and its creative possibilities. The memorandum states: "The participants call upon not only international organizations, but also the states, lands, communes and private organizations to change their attitude toward culture and cultural research. Consider the central importance of culture. Make the central focus the public, the strengthening of the infrastructures of individual institutions, creative work and thinking. Make more means available for research, science, the arts and education and examine to what extent formal procedures are sensible or only unproductive proceedings as a means of exclusion.

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