Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 13. Nr. Januar 2003

Grußworte / Welcoming Remarks / Discours d'ouverture

Giorgio Ruffolo (Vice-chairman of European Parliament Culture Committee)


Unfortunately I cannot participate to the Multilinguality, Transnationality, Cultural studies Conference which takes place today in Vienna. But I am sure that the conference will represent another step towards the reinforcement of the European cultural co-operation.

As I declared in my recent report on European cultural co-operation, adopted by the European Parliament in September, we must recognise that the diversity of national cultures, as well as regional ones, constitutes the wealth and specific feature of European Culture and, I would say, civilisation. European Culture is not a homogeneous unit. It is an associative grouping of different cultures, and each one has its own history, roots, and sphere of influence. I would say that is symphony in the technical, musical sense of the term, unfolding in a series of consonances and dissonances.

We have to place the problem of culture and cultural co-operation at the centre of the great European adventure. We are both different and united, and we have a chance to prove it..

© Giorgio Ruffolo (Vice-chairman of European Parliament Culture Committee)

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