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Herbert Arlt, Donald G. Daviau, Gertrude Durusoy, Andrea Rosenauer (eds.):

TRANS. Dokumentation eines kulturwissenschaftlichen Polylogversuchs im WWW (1997-2002).

Röhrig Universitätsverlag: St. Ingbert 2002.


On the Main TRANS Themes


On the Main TRANS Themes

Herbert Arlt (Wien/Vienna/Vienne): On the Social Significance of the Cultural Sciences Research

Penka Angelova (Rousse/Rustschuk): The Constructability of the World. Reflections on Umberto Eco, Hermann Hesse and the Constructive Beginnings of the Millenium

Peter Horn (Cape Town): Internationalisations. World Culture. Diversity.

Heinz Hauffe (Innsbruck): Cultural Sciences, Databases and Quality

Anil Bhatti (New Delhi): Polyglot Readiness« A Miscellany about Multilingualism and Multiculturalism

Katérina Stenou (UNESCO, Paris): UNESCO and Perspectives for Culture and Democracy

Ulf Birbaumer (Vienna): Theater and »mondialisation.« Questions about Terminology in the Cultural Sciences from the Perspective of Theater and Media Studies

Herbert Hrachovec (Vienna): Knowledge on Call. Hurdles and Horizons

Rabeh Seeba (Oran): Language, Nation and Literature: Between Normalization and Standardization

Koba Arabuli (Tbilissi): The Historical-Cultural Traditions of Georgia and Aspects of Tourism Development

Ruth Wodak (Wien/Vienna/Vienne): On the Search for European Identities: Homogeneous and/or Multiple Language Identities?



Andrea Rosenauer (Vienna): Electronic Publishing. Change in Production, Publication and Distribution

Donald G. Daviau (Riverside, Kalifornien): TRANS an Internet Journal for the Humanities

Gertrude Durusoy (Izmir): Communication, Research and the Internet

Angelika Czipin/Andrea Rosenauer (Vienna): On the Use of TRANS

Max Kaiser/Alfred Schmidt (Vienna): Long-Term Archiving of Electronic Media. A Status Report from the Austrian National Library



Short Biographies

Main themes, WWW-addresses, and abstracts

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