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Guidelines for Contributors to TRANS

Who may submit a contribution?
Organization of the Text
Citations and Source References
Publication Schedule

Who may submit a contribution?

TRANS provides an open platform for scholarly discussions on various cultural topics.
Since the thematic issues can be expanded at will -- an advantage of electronic publishing -- we are able to add contributions to a given issue at any time. However, because of the backlog of articles at the present time, it will not be possible to consider unsolicited articles until the end of 2002.
Contributors to the thematic issues are usually participants in the INST Conferences, which have been devoted to these topics. Anyone interested in participating on one of our conferences is invited to view our Calendar of events for information about the current "Calls for Papers,"
including the deadlines for acceptance of topics for presentation.

The themes for TRANS will be expanded at least once a year. In most cases contributions that arrive late can still be considered. For detailed information please contact

Organization of the Text

Follow the title with your name, mail address and email address.
Articles are accepted in German, English and French. Manuscripts may range in length from 4 to 30 pages. In exceptional cases longer texts may also be accepted. In manuscripts longer than 10 pages, please use section headings to make on-line reading easier.

It is recommended but not required that articles be prefaced by an abstract.

It is possible to include illustrations and auditory material, which you provide. (See the instructions on Format).

Citations and Source References

Since TRANS is a transdisciplinary and transcultural journal, there is no insistence on a specific form for citations and references. Contributors may use the procedures followed in their particular field or discipline. The only requirement is that the references be sufficiently detailed to enable readers to find the given sources, if desired.

For citations from or references to printed sources, provide the author's full name (write out first names), accurate title and sub-title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication and page. If you translate citations, please so indicate.

For journal references give author, title in quotations marks, journal, vol., number (date) and page number.

Electronic sources:

CD-Roms and other sources:
As far as is known: Author's full name (write out first names). Title and sub-title, place of publication and year. In addition provide the key word of the entry under which the information can be located.

Internet, especially WWW:
As far as is known: Author's full name (write out first name), title or heading, title of the electronic journal and publication date. URL (=Web-Address) and the date of the last use of the given source. It is not sufficient to indicate only the URL as a source.

Example: Herbert Eisele: The Internet - a Barmecide Feast?. In: TRANS. Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften. No.10/2001. WWW: Letzter Zugriff am 2002-05-02.


If possible, please submit your manuscript as "Rich Text File" (rtf). If you have a problem storing and sending your article as "rtf", you may also use your normal format, for example, "doc", if using Word for Windows. If we encounter problems in converting your text, we will contact you.

Illustrations should ideally be submitted as jpg- or gif- pictures with not too high pixel density. If you wish to include a large number of pictures, please first make arrangements with the editor (Herbert Arlt, E-mail: or Andrea Rosenauer.

Auditory examples can be offered in various formats. Please inform us in advance about the size of the material in MB (megabytes).


The Copyright for contributions published in TRANS remains with the author. Thus authors are free to make any further use of their articles that they wish, such as having them republished elsewhere. In such cases, all that is requested is the customary reference that the article first appeared in TRANS. We would also appreciate your providing us with a reference to any subsequent publication.

When will submissions be published?

Electronic journals provide flexibility in publication schedules. Thus, in principle, contributions can be published almost immediately, if they are prepared according to the above guidelines. Please note that TRANS is a refereed journal. Some time must therefore be allowed for having the manuscript evaluated, edited and prepared for transmission on the WWW. Normally articles appear in a matter of weeks or at most months.

The editorial team wishes to be of any assistance that it can and welcomes your questions and suggestions. Please contact Dr. Herbert Arlt (

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