Cultural Studies and Europe
Cultural Studies and Europe 

Structures of Cultural Studies Research

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Cultural studies are organised in a great variety of ways. In this respect, the scope of cultural studies research in Europe is heterogenous and thus it is difficult to gain an overview. This is hardly surprising, given the many cultural concepts on which various transdisciplinary research efforts are based. Because cultural studies still doesn't enjoy an established position within the traditional canon of academic disciplines, there are many different areas of research which are explicitly identified as cultural studies endeavours by their proponents, or as occupied with one or more aspects of culture.

Within universities one may find departments and courses of study designated as "Language and Cultural Studies", "Cultural Sociology", "Cultural Philosophy" or "European Studies", all of whom present their cultural studies research in the World Wide Web.

As far as research conducted outside the university setting is concerned, there are numerous institutes, associations and societies which deal with cultural studies themes. Here, too, there are already many groups present with their cultural studies on the World Wide Web.

The structural and institutional fragmentation of cultural studies leads without question to a failure to tap possible synergies between individual activities. It is necessary then in future to strive for increased interdisciplinary, and ultimately transdisciplinary, cooperation, (e.g. between cultural studies oriented philology, linguistic studies, sociology, philosophy, but also economic sciences). However, this can only be achieved if new communication structures emerge, and if these are encouraged and supported. Thus research activities which combine and straddle individual disciplines are a first step in the right direction.

Cultural studies can truly become a new productive force in the entire economic system when the requisite paradigm transformation occurs in scientific thought and activity. An evolutionary step by step modification of research structures in the social sciences and humanities as defined by the cultural paradigm is not only realistic, but has already begun in some areas to exert its influence.

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